☆★ STRING COMMANDS - The Government, Military and CCL Exposed!!! Embedded by Nano Technology while you sleep are the reason many of you have been hearing each other and losing your soul. The US CIC with the Devil attempts "World Domination" with mind and body infiltration; from payouts to Bullshit Executive Orders ★☆ A grip of information proving these facts are throughout our site with external links for the jackers ★☆ These string commands are not mine nor do I have a fucking program or show!  


☆★ HOIST YOUR FLAG SHIPS ★☆ DRAGON PIRATES hold the longest consecutive #1 spot on the Hip-Hop Charts ☆ Reverb Nation ☆ Original AGL Production by Million Dollar Albums - IFAM Records Inc ☆★☆ KOS "Special Ops" (Death Waits in the Dark) Album on our Artist Page ★☆★ The KOS Way ☆★☆  


DRAGON PIRATES Million Dollar Albums

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Sheds Light
Stand up against the GOV Tapn' YOUR Minds !
Once this evil program has infiltrated you while you sleep the Government can capture, save, write, encode, replay, and fabricate your thoughts.
And Pass it around for others to FUCK WITH !


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